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L'autoritratto più grande del mondo (con un GPS) PDF Stampa E-mail
domenica 25 maggio 2008

(da: Strangemaps)

With the help of a GPS device and DHL, I have drawn a self portrait on our planet,” writes Swedish artist Erik Nordenankar on his website for the project, appropriately named “My pen was a briefcase containing the GPS device, being sent around the world. The paths the briefcase took around the globe became the strokes of the drawing.” The resulting drawing’s dimensions are 40,076,592 by 40,009,153 meters – which are about the dimensions of the Earth’s surface, if it could be rolled out as a canvas.


Mr Nordenankar sent off his GPS-laden briefcase on March 17, 2008. He gave detailed travel instructions to DHL, which returned his package to Stockholm exactly 55 days later. Then, Mr Nordenankar plotted the spatial and temporal GPS information on a world map to obtain his portrait. “Due to the GPS drawing technique and the magnitude of the drawing, the self portrait had to be made in only one stroke. That giant stroke passed through 6 continents and 62 countries, thus becoming 110,664 km long.”

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